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What is this thing called “Record Store Day”?

Record Store Day (RSD) is a celebration of independent record stores around the world. Started in 2007, this biannual event features hundreds of limited-edition titles sold exclusively at stores like us here at PREX. In 2023, RSD is Saturday, April 22nd, and the November RSD is always on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving).

What’s the big deal?

The main attraction of Record Store Day is a huge slate of titles from a wide range of artists that are only available at participating independent record stores—you can’t buy them online! Many of these records have very limited production runs, often from 100 to 5,000 copies.

Typically, there are over 400 exclusive and early release titles issued in April, and about 150 in November. They may be previously unreleased recordings or alternate takes, and are often on colored vinyl, are numbered, have unique packaging or are otherwise special.

What’s coming out?

The "official" Record Store Day list has been released. See recordstoreday.com for the titles and info on their appeal.

I saw a record I want on the RSD list. Can I just buy it?

No, sorry, that’s not the way this works. The whole idea is to bring together independent record stores and music fans. Get your eyes off your screens and head out of the house to visit and support your local store. Arrive early! These limited run titles are sold on a first come, first served basis, and no stores will take pre-orders or reserves on these titles.

Are you going to have "that record I'm looking for" in stock?

Sorry, we don't know. We order a LOT of records based on what we think we can sell, past history with artists, "cool" factor, etc. However, many of these titles have very limited production runs. They are allocated by the distributors to stores around the country. How do they decide who gets what? Beats us. The upshot is that we get a sizable portion of what we order, but definitely not all of it. Still, on the last few Record Store Days we have had over 1,500 pieces for sale.

What can I expect if I show up?

As we have throughout the pandemic, we are handling RSD sales as safely as possible. There will be a table in front of our garage/warehouse space (to the left of our store entrance) with a canopy over the shopping area. You do not have to enter the store to browse the merchandise. One customer at a time can shop (please try not to dawdle!). Sales at this table are credit card only. There will be no discount offered on RSD product.

How early do I have to show up to make sure I get what I want?

The store opens at 10:00 am., but people often show up earlier than that to maximize their chances of getting the rarer titles. The real die-hards show up super-early, sometimes in the evening the day before, but there’s usually just a few of those. Traditionally, arriving before 7:00 am gives you a good chance of getting what you’re looking for (unless there were production issues), but no promises. If you show up after 8:00 am, you can expect a wait of over an hour after opening. We do our best to keep the line moving without rushing anyone, but waiting is definitely part of this event.

We usually have between 1,500 and 2,000 pieces, so there is quite a bit for everyone all day long. That said, the specific titles you are looking for may be gone and you might not find every item on your list. We limit purchases to one of each title per customer. Highly sought-after pieces go quickly. We keep the line informed. Call ahead! We can’t hold items, but we are happy to tell you how many pieces we’ve received of the title(s) you are looking for so you can best judge if our store is worth your time and effort.

In conclusion:

  • Bring your credit card because we aren’t accepting cash at the RSD table.
  • Please be prepared to wait. Many customers bring lawn chairs and make friends with their fellow line community.

Hope you join us at New Jersey's best record store to celebrate!