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We want to buy your cassettes!

A photo of Cassettes on shelf at Prex.

Vinyl records and CDs are by far our best-selling formats, but there is a smaller cassette resurgence going on too. For the last couple of years, we’ve been seeing a renewed interest, and we are happy to accommodate. If you have a quality cassette collection in good condition, we want to talk to you!

For more than 40 years PREX has been buying collections for resale. Personal collections, estate sales, reviewer surplus, and entire store inventories -- No collection is too big or too small!

To help ensure the process is as easy and rewarding as possible, we recommend the following:

Contact us before bringing your items to PREX

We buy and process hundreds of items daily. Even so, there is a LOT of stuff we can’t buy. We need to figure out if you have the kind of titles we can resell.

A brief discussion, via phone or email, with one of our appraisers could possibly save you hours of packing and traveling to PREX for nothing.

We are happy to discuss what you have and give any info you may need.

Phone: 609-921-0881 609-921-0881 Email: info@prex.com Send Message

Appointments encouraged!

If our appraiser thinks your titles are of interest, and your collection is 200 pieces or more, we strongly recommend making an advance appointment. This helps us ensure that an appraiser for your collection is available, and that you don’t get stuck waiting behind 5 other collections that arrived just before you.

We deal with a wide variety of formats and genres, so we want to make sure that the right staff members are here for you.

Collections of smaller amounts (under 100 say) require less advance notice, but we still recommend calling ahead.

What to expect:

No cost appraisal!

We don’t charge anything for our appraisals. You are under no obligation to sell.

Our reputation for fairness is extremely important to us. In general, we pay 25% to 40% of what we expect to resell the items for, the higher the price, the higher the percentage. If at any point you have questions, we will happily explain the process.

Almost all appraisals are done the same day as delivery. Appointments help ensure we are ready to evaluate your specific collection. We will offer you a cash price, or you can have 10% more in store credit to use whenever you like.

We sometimes make house calls

The vast majority of titles we buy are brought to our store. However, if you have a very large collection (1,000 pieces or more) of strong titles, we may come to you. We travel NJ fairly frequently, and we may road trip out-of-state for the truly exceptional collections.

This is some, but not all, of the types of music we buy:

Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rap, Oldies, Blues, Motown, Soul, Funk, Psychedelic, British Invasion, Punk Rock, Progressive Rock, Reggae, Metal, World/International, Latin, Classical (select), Audiophile pressings, Country, Folk, and more!

We want your music!

We buy LPs, CDs, 45s, cassettes, DVDs, and more!